MOIRA SEX DOLL 169cm (5′ 6″) Cub C

MOIRA SEX DOLL 169cm (5′ 6″) Cub C Advanced Sex Doll* with optional Touch Sensors & Body Temperature Control.

1. Multiple build-in touch sensors that react to your touch. She will react with verbal expressions and moans depending on her level of excitement. Her vaginal sensors react to your level of touch or penetration.

2. Internal heating system gets the body temperature like a real human(37℃). This provides for a very comfortable and lifelike body. The electrical warming technology is 100% Certified Safe.

3. Advanced live like TPE skin made from new TPE material called M-TYPE that is more elastic and durable. M-TYPE material stretches more then 2x of regular TPE and thus is less prone to skin abrasions or tears. M-TYPE material is 100% food grade and is 100% safe to touch and kiss.

4. Composite steel skeleton and joints.

* Non AI Sex Doll – does not have an internal computer with artificial intelligence


Height: 169 cm (5′ 6″)
Breasts: 84 cm (33.07”)
Waist: 51 cm (20.08″)
Hip: 93 cm (36.61″)
Vagina depth: 17 cm (6.69″)
Anus depth: 14 cm (5.51″)
Oral depth: 12 cm (4.72″)
Weight 39 kg (86 Lbs)

Sex Doll (with chosen options), 1pc sexy lingerie (random selection), spare set of fingernails and toenails and nail glue, USB power cords (optional with heating system & touch sensors), gloves and cleaning pump, hair comb and lipstick, soft, non-staining blanket. bitcoin mining machines for sale here

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